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Complete Lawn Maintenance Program from Gerber Landscaping in Sussex County, NJ

Having a healthy lawn is beautiful and adds to the value of your property. With grass, timing is important. The lawn needs to be properly maintained over a year to obtain a healthy, beautiful look. Getting a great lawn is easy when you have the professional guidance and services from Gerber Landscaping Services. We off lawn maintenance through Weekly Mowing, Trimming, and Blowing, Spring and Fall Clean-ups and Spring, Summer, and Fall Fertilization.

 Fall Fertilization and Winter Cleaning by Gerber Landscaping in Newton, NJFall Fertilization

One thing you simply cannot afford to neglect. Every year, as the end of autumn approaches, you should apply a final dose of fertilizer to your grass. The lawn will absorb those nutrients, making it strong and healthy throughout the winter, ready to explode into growth when spring comes.

Winter Cleaning

If your lawn is smothered, it can do a great deal of harm. Before the winter weather sits in, we will carefully remove any debris from the lawn. Things like tree branches, logs, children’s toys can do serious damage if left in place throughout the winter. Smothered grass is less disease-resilient and may even die completely.

Lawn Aeration

 Lawn Aeration by Gerber Landscaping in Newton, NJAerate the grassy area before the year’s first freeze. As winter comes, thatch will accumulate and your lawn can be choked. Serious aeration and fall fertilization will prepare your lawn to last throughout the winter and will be in a better position for maximum spring performance.

Remember, you landscape is not only a pretty picture that, once painted, remains in place forever, it’s constantly growing and changing. In order to nurture it effectively, you will need the maintenance that Gerber Landscaping offers.

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